Josh Swift

The Perfect Picture

Copyright Josh Swift

I’ll draw you a picture
But I’ll draw it with a twist
I’ll draw it with a razor
I’ll draw it one my wrist
And if I draw it correctly
A red fountain will appear
To wash away my sorrow
To wash away my fear

The picture is beautiful
See the blood
And see the pain
Look at my arm
And watch me go insane
A blade goes in
And blood comes out
My wrist is red
My body dead
And I don’t know if
My wrist
Will cause me to be missed

But it is beautiful
Can’t you see?
The perfect picture
Just for me
I wanna die
And you still ask why

This is the perfect picture
It has a huge twist
All with a razor
All on my wrist
I hit the vein
And I go insane
My fears and pain go away
But I still have to stay

The picture is not complete
Only one more piece

When I’m gone
It will be complete
Then the perfect picture
Will be me

The perfect picture
Was made just for me
For my relief
And my soul
A perfect picture
All on my wrist

I drew it for me
And who I came to be
There is too much pain
Too much blood
The perfect picture
Is better than it was

The mark will always be there
Of this pain I cannot bear
All on my wrist
All in wonderful bliss
Cuz it is me
And who I came to be

The picture
I drew it
All in my wrist
All with a twist
Always there
Of this pain I cannot bear
A perfect picture
A perfect pain
All for me
Can’t you see
A perfect picture
All for me


Copyright Josh Swift

Help me I m drowning
I m losing the fight
Losing my life
Because I m so fake
I m drowning in a red lake

Stuck in a lake of blood
Being laughed at from above
I can t swim
And the lights are getting dim

People line the shore
More and more
Sit and watch
Say I ll save you Josh

The lake gets bigger everyday
As I continue to fade away
All the people are
There all false hope
Not one of them has a rope

Nobody can reach me
Nobody can see me
Almost under
Almost gone

Drowning in a lake
Drowning in my blood
Sit and watch
Join the crowd
The crowd of false hope


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