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I have a large collection of poetry I have written. Some positive, some sad. I have SI’ed for 3 years. I started with an eating disorder then to more violent things this past year ie cutting, hitting. I have somewhat successfully stopped. I still want to but for some reason I haven’t. Let me know what you think of the poems. I appreciate any comments.

Once last thing. Some people when they found out I SI decided to believe it was a homicidal tendency. This nasty rumor and lie plagues me as I am an introverted personality. I just thought that might be a good thing to note in your FAQ.

Thanks for your site. I enjoyed it very much. I wish I didn’t look at the pictures. Very triggery. I will be ok though.

My First SI Poem

Cut once, cut twice
try to make whats wrong seem right
a problem you cannot fix
a cry for help no one hears
is now a badge of shame you see
for it is a permament mark on me
a scar as permament as the pain
once a sadness now a shame
endless sorrow, tradjety
somebody protect me, from me
make the hurt go away
I want to see another day

Cutters Prayer

Oh dear Lord I’ve done it again
disgraced myself on an alter of sin
I did not want to make this mark
but I want these feelings to depart
I should have turned to you
for you are always there for me
I wish I did not feel this way
So I come to you for help today
Give me the strength dear Lord to say
I have the strength to go another day
for with these words you’ve given me
Your light and strength will thrive with me


This last poem is about my suicide attempt.

Look at me Im on three
Shut the door
count to four
five, six, seven, getting closer to heaven
ten, eleven, twelve, I need help
Feel no pain
Lose all shame
Pray it goes quick
Life is shit


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