Guardian Angel

Copyright Jojo

I am your Guardian Angel
in watch you every move
even when in your car
or eating your favourrite food

I make sure sure that you are happy
and make sure your not sad
i make sure that you are healthy
that nothings going bad

i always like to see you laugh
i like to see you cry
makes me feel so happy
knowing that your alive

you ar a beuty to the world
special one that god choose
your always making people aware
that you door wont close

you are a little star
that brightens up our days
and we want to thank you
for these lovely days

We Don’t Judge You Jo

Copyright Jojo

Your in a dream so far away
yet you feel so near
i hope that you are happy now
not forgetting us here

when he put that star in the sky
we new that it was you
becouse it shone much brighter
than the other few

we new that there was no cure
and that you were so sad
but why did you have to do this joe
god it feels so bad

we do not think that you are bad
for letting go like this
but you could of let us help you
the end wouldnt have been like this

one day we will see you again
and i will ask jo why
why did you have to do this
die and make us cry

The Little Star So Far Away

Copyright Jojo

Come with me my Angel
He wispers in her ear
She turns around for one second
then she disapears

Their is a lovely saying
about jesus christ
he always takes the best
but just one question why?

Why leave her stranded on a star
thats so far away?
i guess there was a reason
but youl never say

she had a heart of gold
that some how grew so cold
but we knew she loved us all
but god gow did she fall?

Did They Care

Copyright Jojo

i was there now im not
they dont care
suddenly forgot

the day i died
the day they said
who was she
dont ask me

i felt so low
they didnt care
who was
was i really their

looking down
what a waste
he took my life
it wasnt great

the day i died
on my own
took some speed
then ide flown

flown away
heaven sent
what a thrill
was it meant

they layed me down
in my pit
where i should be
in the end
they hated me

forever gone
on my own
enjoy life
as its thrown


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