Rivers of Crimson Red

Copyright, Jenny

This blade that I hold in my hand
Can take me to another land
It can take me where I want to be
With both cause and relief of agony

In it, I see a million futures
And so many mem’ries that are torture
With one slice, I’ll wash them out
I bite my lip, try not to shout

These rivers now of crimson red
Help supress the throbbing in my head
In my soul there’s a never ending fight
But this blissful pain makes it all right

My body’s being drained of blood
My heart is being drained of love
My eyes are being drained of tears
But this pain overcomes that of my years

They say 2 wrongs don’t make a right
But do 2 darks make a light?
For me they do, but that light fades
Leaves me with nothing but more hate

So now I sit here, drowned in tears
Darkness I see-silence I hear
Here in the dark-alone in bed
And make soothing rivers of crimson red


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