Jerz Girl


Copyright, Jerz Girl

I saw here there
no ones there
the fear inside has not all died
I saw the outcast
there was no outcast
just a sad lonly girl with a sad story to tell
her life had been broken
the peices had fell
and her black empty space in the middle of her eye was all thats left
she lives on the edge of my world
shes not a little girl
she is so small
I watched her blood fall
tears in her eyes
she hides her cuts with bracelets
her face is torn with lies
she hides
sixty nine 69
I saw the outcast
there was no outcast
In the bathroom of a school
She bleed to death
one last look in the mirror
I saw the the out cast was me

The Song Explains All

Copyright, Jerz Girl

We are so young, our lives have just begun
but already, we are considering
to escape from this world
and we’ve waited for so long
for this moment to come
it was so anxious to be together
together in death

won’t you die tonight for love
(baby, join me in death)

this world is a cruel place, and we’re only to lose
before live tears us apart, let death bless me with you

…this life ain’t worth living


Copyright, Jerz Girl

Harsh words cruel reality. With every passing day comes someone else’s pain. Comes someone elses heartache and someone elses strain. But with every passing day you go by me and say. ‘I know struggle but not like yours. I know pain but I could never compare. I have had my heartaches but yours are too much to bear.’ And with that my wrists are crying red screaming as I bleed to death.


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