Copyright, Jeanie

I got pissed off and didn’t know why.

All I know is I wanted to die.

In an attempt to release the anger inside.

I made a cut that I had to hide.

It worked so well but I didn’t know,

It would become an addiction I couldn’t control.

I tried so hard to stop this dangerous act.

But it seemed when I was mad I couldn’t hold the knife back.

Now I have nightmares I’ll cut to deep.

I won’t stop bleeding and I’ll die in my sleep.

I wish I could go back to that bad day I had.

So I could have thought about why I was mad.


Copyright Jeanie

Scars, we have so many,
For us to survive is somehow uncanny,
Not just physical, but emoitional scars too,
So many hurtful events you begin to rue,
Scars are left to remember pain,
And times where there was felt a major disdain,
People will leave scars on you and not care,
Strip your soul until it is bare,
How can humans be so cruel?
It is as if over you they rule,
Some scars are caused by yourself though,
Unintentional but the same so


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