Copyright, Justine

Anesthetic emotions,
I know I can’t feel,
I’ve just learned to become numb,
So I don’t have to deal.
Sacrifice my body,
Blood red orifices created,
The tears of a thousand dying angels,
Flow forth from raging oceans of tattered flesh,
Torture my mind,
Am I still sick?
Fearful images of mounds of filth,
Rid me of this burden.
Goddesses and devils,
Dancing everywhere,
Hold my hand,
Let me know where I went wrong.
Break my soul,
Let me know that I’ve been alone,
Convince me that I’m ugly,
Tell me all your lies.
Laugh at me as the imperfection hits the floor,
Tell me I never tried.
Mask my thoughts,
Cloud me over,
So perhaps I cannot see.
A dying breath,
Hesitantly taken,
But hastily released,
When will I finally break?
Distort my image,
Don’t let me close my eyes,
Force me to stand before the window,
Where the netherworld takes control.
Let me bleed,
I want to feel,
Purple tree roots,
Tell me I’m still alive.
Strip me of my sanity,
Before you tell me I’m already there.


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