My Safe Haven

Copyright, Jenell

My arms have begun to cave
From the Blood rushing from my veins

By the cuts on my wrist
So deep in my skin
By the sharp rusty Razor
I’ve hidden within

I’ve lived with no reason
I’ve lived with no fears
Is there even a reason
For my fake sorrowed tears

Theres nowhere to run
Theres noplace i can hide
The only place i can go is
My dark place inside

No matter how hard ii try
I will never be normal or real
I just keep getting haunted
By the painn that i feel.

My Friend

Copyright, Jenell

Razor,Razor in my strain
Guide me to my biggest vein
Slice my skin real deep an wide
Make me bleed all my blood inside
Once i start i will not stop
The floor is where i soon will drop
My grave is where i soon wil lay
I’ll never endure another day…


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