Julia M

Razorblade Kisses

Copyright, Julia M

The immortal feelings of my heart
I need a release from it all
The pain of living is much too great for me to overcome
But I m afraid of death, afraid of the outcome
The land of the eternally damned?
All these feelings and possibilities
Questions, yet no answers
It all drove me into madness
Until I received the kiss
Watching the red line of blood appear as the needle left my skin
Instead of pain like I expected
I felt calmer than I had before
Feelings its love tingling on my flesh
Causing my heart to beat faster than ever
But somehow along the line
Everything seemed to become harsher
My blade no longer took away my pain
Going deeper, a longer kiss made everything worse
I tried to abandon this soul mate of mine
I tried to abandon this soul mate of mine
But she had taken over me
I heard her laugh in my face when I wept
And mocked me when I tried to resist her kiss
But it never seemed to end
Even when I let her take control
That night my razorblade gave me her last, lingering kiss
Her love is shown all over my body
That night, I breathed my last
All because of that razorblade kiss


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