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I’ll stand in the shower.
Staying there for hours.
Praying that the water will wash away the feeling of you.
The feeling of your touch.
The feeling of your breath upon my neck.
To wash away you period!
You haunt me in my dreams.
I akways thought i could forget.
But as you can tell i lost that bet.
I hear your voice… but when i turn around no one’s there.
I swear i can feel you.
You have no idea how much you’ve ruined my life.
I bet you don’t even care that these scars are caused by you.
But you never cared.
I just can’t believe you did the things you did.


Copyright Aa

I made another “improvement” on my body today.
Next to the one i did the day before.
And I hate to say…
I love making “improvements.”
The numb feeling that goes all through your body when the metal touches your skin.
Don’t ya love it?
The power you feel when it’s over,
and holding a secret that no one else knows.
It’s a precious thing.


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