6000 mg

Copyright, Angela

Flying for asphyxiation,
Blades and pills, my deviation,
This fucking life needs dedication,
That’s why i won’t survive.

Running out of medication,
Can’t go on under this sedation,
Maybe that’s a revelation,
Can’t feel like I’m alive.

Blood to boost my elevation,
Kind of buzz that saves the nation,
The level of sophistication,
Can never be the same.

Am i just the complication?
Cast aside for the duration,
My demise, Your aspiration,
But you’ll never take the blame.

Carve another indentation,
Figure head of your fixation,
Half way to intoxication,
Above the stars I lay.

Immune to all purification,
Your words lost in bloods sweet translation,
Show me your appreciation,
As i fade away.

Suicidal ideation,
Broke with ease my weak foundation,
Drug induced pupil dilation,
With which substance lies your trust?

Draining and disfiguration,
Kiss the steel, Love your temptation,
Death has booked your reservation,
Dark angel turns to dust.


Copyright, Angela

I don’t trust them
Just the way they whisper…
I swear they’re evil
And they want me dead
They keep putting voices
Back into my head
They cloud my vision at night
Linger above my head
They don’t stop until daylight
I told you they want me dead
But they want ME to do it
Damage my own
Self inflicting
Black fairytale
They won’t stop until I’m done with
They won’t stop until I fail

But I’m not scared
I know it had to happen
Before I can take myself


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