Acid Sex


Copyright Acid Sex

Regretful tears shatter
like my fist colliding with glass.
a million pieces of broken matter,
suicide at such mass…

my bloodshot eyes burn,
as I cry gasoline,
I’m staring into your eyes,
and you’ve got the fakest smile I’ve ever seen.

Promises and lies are one in the same—
This is the day all lovers die
tears falling,
so free of my pain.

Your raping me on needles,
as you force yourself into me.
my concrete heart, now growing feeble—
hurting me as I try to break free.

So give me paper and a pencil,
let me write our song to you—
I’ve been waiting for eternity,
and theres only so much I can do…

A bolt of lighting,
to show my love.
Piercing through your heart—
like a sign from up above.

So I prepair my slutty kisses,
to impress you is my goal.
to love you is my curse,
your pushing as I pull.

I’ll be your Cursed Cupid,
with a bloddy dart.
yet you still refuse to love me,
and yet your still holding my heart.

A scar on my wrist
reminds me of you.
A scar on my heart…
Leaves me hopeless to anyone new.


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