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Divided Apparition

Copyright, AmeliaJo

A smile you show briefly
a falsy worn disguise
that only leaves hollow words
that burn so deep inside you

time erodes the memory
as intervals settle in place
only you can see the truth of
the self deception behind each lie

and only you distinguish lies and
stories behind your impaired tourniquets
during a time when melancholy was all their was
with every palter you vowed to, just to protect them

if I could be the immensity of spirit
between heaven and myself
bring me back from the cold and
relinquish this addiction from me

Mirror Mirror

Copyright, AmeliaJo

I am the shattered sea shells,
that you see in the sand.
Shards and pieces fade,
grinded into the land.

I am the broken image,
I see in the mirror,
Cracked is my picture,
as the glass becomes my fear.


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