Angelina Molina


Copyright, Angelina Molina

As I search into her eyes,
I see lonliness and fears.
Her face seems so empty,
Except for those few tears.
These tears keep on flowing more and more from her eyes.
She makes no sound at all only distant muffled cries.
She wants to express her feelings on many a diffrent thing.
But she feels if she does only more sadness it will bring.
She wishes she had a freind to whom she could confide.
An understanding,carng person who would always be by her side.
But instead she has no one,no one to turn to in time of need.
She feels like shes trapped and would very much like to be freed.
As I search deeper and depper,I see more clearly into her eyes.
Because now the tears have stopped,and no longer are her cries.
Theyve dissappeared, although not completley as they continue deep down inside.
She now feels strong enough to regain her sense of pride.
But again I see a familiar tear.
She seems so far away from me,but she seems so near.
I extend my arm to comfot her I know im reaching in the right dirrection.
But all I feel is the faltness of my mirror because im staring into my own reflection.


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