Copyright, Addie

As emptiness invades,
Drifting through,
Repetative day’s,
Just an empty shell,
A lifeless soul,
With no way to turn,
No future hope,
No dreams left to live,
Trapped inside,
A warp of repeated mistakes,
But you can taste new life,
Every time you bleed,
Then once more you lose the hope of your feelings,
And the importance of your words,
Your left hanging by your thread of a shattered existence,
Freedoms lost again,
Theres no way back,
Just hoplesness the way forward,
Life is just a game,
That you will never win.

Just the Way I’m Feeling

Copyright, Addie

Life is hammering me down again
I am broken and battered
I look around and see everyone is happy except me
They push me down and out of the way
I am always last in line
Always the kid to pick on
The whispers made against me and the pointing fingers
they are barbed in poison and strike me at every turn
My calloused emotions cant take this anymore
I dont want to live or care anymore
Nobody every wants to talk to me
Sitting at at alone at home with nothing to do
Is how i spend my days
All I have is myself
When i try to be your friend
You just turn your head and walk away
I may look unnaffected from the outside
but this is killing me from the inside
Scarring me
at a time like this
Weak and helpless i flail in the wind
What I really need the most is a friend to be by my side
To help and comfort me
As I lay in the puddles of death, you walk away
A knife in my back
Twist in deeper everytime i
Catch me offguard at the end to slit my heart..
I will never live again


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