The Solution

Copyright, Anna

“Please do not bring your blades on the train,” it reads, or,
More exactly,
“Museum staff reserves the right to confiscate any and all
Dangerous objects brought onto the premises-“
Planes, libraries, and
“We don’t care if you’re having a panic attack or if your girlfriend just
Broke up with you over your cell phone while you’re in line at the
Register with your hands full of frozen blocks of creamed spinach,
Please do NOT
Bring your BLADES

I once saw a girl huddled
Under the sink in a McDonalds bathroom,
Using her fingernail to unscrew the bolt of a
Bright green pocket pencil sharpener.

“There is a way out of every bad situation,”
Said the top of her head,
“If you know which trash cans to look in.”


Copyright, Anna

Earth within my mouth I breathe through darkness
Cold and hard the ground around me screams
Punishment and torture were my lessons
To live in your love only but a dream

Encased and mummified by your rejection
Dying in this tomb you made for me
Scars that show my own selfmutilation
Finding it so difficult to breathe

Deeper now in to this self made darkness
Pull me out or watch me die inside
It would only be I mercy killing
Without you life is futile so I die

Crimson rivers no regret
You’ll find it easy to forget
Earth binds my body
Deeper sinks my soul


Copyright, Anna

Shadows around my heart it seems so strange
When all there are is shadows and the pain
Tried to call you back but you were gone
Now alone my endless night goes on

Ice like grip around my aching heart
Reaching in and ripping me apart
My pain it seems to cut me through and through
Wish I could end my endless night with you

Please bring me back from where I am
I try to male you understand
Dying underneath the surface
Don’t think I can breathe

Tough my hand and pull from this ending
Don’t let me disappear from you again
Please hold me close and don’t push me from my tower
Remove this ache from my last dark refrain.


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