I Feel Nothing

Copyright, Alessia

From Alessia to Lorenzo

Once again, I feel nothing
I hear nothing
numb, hopeless
a living dead
I laugh and talk
but empty inside of me.
I wanna die with you,
hold me tight
let me die, let me cry
and let me go
away, far from you.

You can’t watch inside of me,you don’t know me
and I don’t know you
maybe we are sharing
the same madness
or maybe we both cry
alone at night…
sick of talking, fighting
sick of myself
but still wanting life.
We are lost, we are alone
searching for something
that we don’t ever know.

I see that my sadness
is filling the sky.
And alone,
behind the door
my rituals
scared, lonely girl…
my soul is bleeding,
but I wanna love you.


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