Anna P


Copyright, Anna P

You walk past me everyday,
I never know what to say,
Your face is drenched in pain,
You think your life is laim,
But I can see through your withered smile,
I know you’ve felt this way for a while,
I want to hold out my hand to you,
And let you know I feel the same way too,
You feel your life isn’t right,
You can’t keep up the fight,
You think that you’re in isolation,
How many times have I been in this situation!
You know that you are all alone,
You know your family don’t condone,
But you think your life will never be complete,
If only us two strangers could meet,
Our two stories would unfold,
We’d tell things we’ve never told,
We’d console each others sadness,
We’d soothe each others madness…

But now I’ve found out that you are dead,
All the things I could of said,
I could have helped you — saved your soul,
The one you yourself stole,
Now it’s my turn to end the pain,
You taught me there’s nothing to gain.


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