Aine Maythen

Withered Roses

Copyright, Aine Maythen

I live in fear
of the next person
to enter my life
the stigmas that I face
are crushing my soul
too much pride
too many scars
each has a story
inside stitched
wanting and daring
to wear short sleeves
to let people see
the monster I really am
knowing I’ve been violated
drives the ambition
to cut, to feel,
to skirt along the edges of death
to feel the ice
forming over my heart
I hate people
with their ignorance, blindness
can’t they see?
please, get away from me
I will always be
null, non-existent
a stigma to analyze
a toilet to shit on
a doormat to walk over
doomed to live a life
of poverty and pride
while roses die in my vase
so too, I am withered


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