Runaway Faery

Copyright, Alyssa

i wish i were a faery
so i could fly away
get ride of all my problems
and wash away the pains
id hide in a forest
and live in a tree
with no cares in the world
no one could find me
and to me i am a faery
someday ill fly away
to a place where i am loved
and wont have any pain

I’ve Forgotten Who I Am

Copyright, Alyssa

I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve lied to you many times
I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve talked behind your back
I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve gotten the wrong impression on too many things
I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve been a cutter for 3 years
I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve just gotten over anorexia
I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve tried starting over more than once
I’ve forgotten who i am
I’ve only wanted someone to care for me
I’ve forgotten who i am
So fuck this world and leave me alone

I am a Person

Copyright, Alyssa

I am a person writing my pain.
I am a person living my life of shame.
I am your daughter hiding my depression.
I am your sister making a good impression.
I am your friend acting like i’m fine.
I am a wisher, wishing this life weren’t mine.
I am a girl who thinks of suicide.
I am a teenager pushing her tears aside.
I am a student who doesn’t have a clue.
I am the girl sitting next to you.
I am the one asking you to care.
I am your best friend, only hoping you’ll be there.


Copyright, Alyssa

The sharp edge of the razor
cuts my skin easily.
I’m numb to the pain
numb to the blood.
Too numb to realize whats happening,
To realize what i’m doing.
One cut follows another,
and another.
Until i can’t stop.
The razor falls from my hand.
Blood drips down my arm,
tears roll down my cheeks.
What have I done?


Copyright, Alyssa

i have lost it
have gone insane
i grab my wrist
and scream in pain
i look at my hand
now drenched in blood
and i regret
what i have done
i put down the razor
and head for the door
i thought i could do it
i thought i was sure
but my body has tricked me
and i fall to the floor
and i stretch an arm out
my wrist is now sore
my blood is everywhere
it has gotten all over me
everything is distorted
its getting hard to see
i know its the end here
to take me away,
i didnt think i’d do it
i didnt think today
i clutch at the air
and i take my last breath
i never knew it could come
i never antisipated death
so i breath in, and let out a sigh
and with the last of my life
i whisper goodbye



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