I Believe Your Perfect Too

Copyright Anty

Crosses on my heart, but it aint broken
Cut the wrist and keep on hoping (its your last night dear)
Is this your perfect christmas..child, is santa your demon
His smile is dropping…this pale face knows its deeper
I’ll steal the phrases, make them into modern pages
Cut my fingers on the edges, drive me over another ledge
Mother you were always there, trying to say my life was fair
If so it looks like it didnt do me any good, doesnt look too good
I’d die the way you live, just another hit to give
Hear your heart beat, echoing down the street
I’ll sing suicide note number one
I’ll read it again with the bullets in the gun
I’ll say your name, father wont you be here
Watch your son die with fear of losing you
Bury me before I could bury you
Vice versa I guess you’d be in the same state of mind anyway
Would you notice me
Would you say hello
Would you say Goodbye
I walk away as I begin to cry


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