Amanda B

No Name

Copyright, Amanda B

I am done
The gloves are off and you have won

You have beaten, battered and bruised me
And now I am the loser that you see

Like a giant wave hitting me non-stop
I stumbled around until I dropped

Like an ant in a flooded abyss
Floating around in this sea of mist

Sink or swim is the question now
I want to swim but how?

But why should I push back at you
You already beaten me with everything you had

But… I am still around
Now it is time to put you down.

You the haunter will become the haunted
Now you the aggressor will be the taunted

Through your fears I will creep
Through the shadows I will reap

Now you will be ripped and torn
From me, as I will be reborn.


Copyright, Amanda B

I want to be put away
so the world wont get in
my way, so lock me up and
throw away the key
because there is no help for me.
I’ve cried my last tears and laughed
my last laugh, so just put me away so
I feel no more.
When I was hurt and when I cried
I wanted you there by my side, but
I am no longer the person you knew.
We’ve grown distant and cold and
nobody knows the pain it has caused.
So much I want to say but can’t
bring myself to tell you.
So many questions running through
my head with no answers in sight.
I’m tired of the pain so
just lock me up and throw away the key.


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