A Rose’s Demise

Copyright, Auryn

A petal falls,
to the floor,
landing on top of the rest.
The sky goes dark,
as the sun slips away,
sinking into the west.

Drawing close,
is an unavoidable fate,
seeking to ruin all.
With soft caresses,
the sweetest touch,
and whispered voices that call.

It’s so close now,
can’t you taste it?
The sugar sweetness it brings.
It approaches slowly,
from above,
suspended on silver wings.

Then it comes,
whispering sweet promises,
extending a demented hand.
And grasps ahold,
of wilting petals,
marking them with his brand.

He takes the petals,
leaving one,
the last left alone.
Turns around,
and walks away,
off into the unknown.


The last petal falls,
as I close my eyes.
That have just witnessed,
A Rose’s Demise.


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