Hurting so Bad

Copyright, Ash

i feel it close
so close yet so far
and i wish it would leave me
just more than a scar
when u touch it i cry
when u see it i lie
and i cannot understand
why i do it sometimes

but then theres the blood
on the floor in front of me
if i dont see that blood
than i will never sleep
i dull the pain
and then cause it again
time after time
i wish for the end
u looked in my eyes
and told me im dead
walked right away
without a turn of your head
and i hate myself more
then i ever before
but i dont hate you
could never hate you
because u are right
its not your fault
and now ill sleep
forever tonight

dont blame yourself
i did not mean it
i just need to go
i need to leave this
please dont cry
because i know u care
it just hurts so much
im worse for wear
i wont weep or cry
before i go
ill just think of you
with a smile u’ll know.


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