I’m a fourteen year old girl from Ohio. Please respond to me on your likings or dislikings on my poetry!

Don’t Be Like Me

Copyright, Aubrea

dont be like me and do what you see
dont be like me and try to be something your not made to be
because for me i was made to be something your not and that is a cutter
so dont try to be like me and act like everything is alright when we all no its not
so when ever you have the chance grab life by the ass and take it all the way
because in my matter its to late ive kicked life in the ass and missed my chance
so now all i have is my past to look at dont be like me and take (many) things for granted
like the fact that you are still alive to read this poem. dont be like me and
do such a stupid thing that later on in life u will regret thats all im tringin to say is ‘DONT BE LIKE ME’

How to Keep Life Simple

Copyright, Aubrea

how to keep life simple and in your mind when
your as small as a dime,
and smaller than the average mind,
the question is how do you really keep life simple
when the only option is to hurt or maybe even hurt someone
else over something not so simple like showing your true beauty
or your inner self!?! so how do you keep life simple?


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