Not Ending

Copyright, Adrienne

As the blood runs off my skin,
I realize the pain will again win.
Its taken me over,
And has made me cut unsober.
The red river soaks into the sheets,
And the newly made wound starts to make heats.
Don’t give up this wonderful life,
Full of love and filled with might.

Come Out From Sadness

Copyright, Adrienne

Sadness is a painful despair,
And is almost impossible to bear.
The pain swelling deep inside
Is certainly not bona fide.
In times of overpoweration,
Take this into consideration:
That there is a sunnier side,
And you don’t have to hide.

The Blood Spilt

Copyright, Adrienne

Sometimes there isnt life,
And we grab for a knife.
And the blood is split,
As hopes start to wilt.
But there is finally hope,
And we can learn to cope.
So put the sharpnes away,
And go and have a fufilled day


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