Last Appeal (To my Parents)

Copyright, Aleshia

Lost in this world
Day after day
Still trying to figure out
Why nothing is going my way
I try so hard
To make you proud
All I see
Is in a hazy cloud
All my pain
Is turned on the inside
I keep to myself
Just trying to hide
So no one knows
About the pain
Everything about me
I cry out in vain
How can I make you see
The me you know
Isn’t really me
I hurt myself
To keep from hurting you
But secretly
And you have no clue
Sometimes at night
I lay in bed and cry
My emotions , I try to fight
And I want so badly to die
My morals, so different from yours
All I want
Is to not hurt anymore
My end will be quick
I reach for the knife
So sharp and so slick
The cuts
So deep and red
With my last breath
I lay across my bed
I beg my little sister to forgive me
This was not because of her
That this is the way it has to be
And for you B****
Who had no clue
All thes pain upon myself
Was inflicted by you!


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