Copyright Ashley

Pop 1, 2, then 3 and 4
no matter how hard you try nothing seems to work
Drip, Drip it falls on the table, tears of blood
seep from your eyes To feel the pain of a thousand
knives stabbed into your back from a hundred different
directions To see the lies and decet in their eyes, they
were never there and now… neither are you


Copyright Ashley

pain chokes my soul
like bile, it mangles my insides
and traps my bitter heart until it
oozes crimson on cold concrete

Her Eyes

Copyright Ashley

her eyes glisten with 1000 tears
when she speaks her words are filled
with 1000 fears, she looks around the room
and her mind races she can’t figure out what’s
wrong everything is blurry she can’t think straight
she doesn’t know what to do with the time she has
been given She feels pain is the only answer HER only
answer late at night she hurts herself with the blade which has
broken skin many times only deeper now she thinks Her eyes
glisten with 1000 tears when she speaks her words are filled with 1000
fears the morning comes and to their suprise she lays on the floor blood driping
from her arm, shes alright now.

The Words

Copyright Ashley

All the little words put on paper, all the
thoughts kept inside. Nothing is as bad as you
my think. No one can have it THAT bad. But it can happen
I felt your touch. Now I feel your anger. Your my obsession
that I can’t get you out of my head. Again and again I try,
but all my thoughts come back to you. All the times we spent together
now they’re gone from YOUR mind but sometimes you’re remembered
of your past, but you quickly forget. All gone, no more, it’s like dust to you.
Your dust is killing me. It pains my heart to see you… I can’t take it anymore
This is goodbye…


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