Copyright Aurora

I don’t want people to see
the bones and corpses of my hope and dreams
I hide within
my trusty shell
that’s where I’m safe
I know all to well
I can be myself
hide from pain
look at walls
full of blood stains
There’s where the pain has gone
left without leaving a piece
leaving my heart lighter
leaving my soul at ease
stains that remind me
of all I’ve gone thru
not sure what else
there is left for me to do
as I stay
within these walls
I get away
from evil when it calls
I’m not completely here tho
There’s a piece of me missing
I lost it once upon a place
when I lost interest in wishing
now’s there’s a darkness
lurking within my soul
it’s not going away
just making a bigger hole

It’s my Emptiness

Torn Apart

Copyright Aurora

My heart and soul has split
left my body to die
everynight while I try to sleep
I wake up only to cry
I can’t go on
without some help
I need support
before I fall to hell
I’ve been torn apart
split down the seems
completely lost
without my hopes and dreams
Don’t know where to go
so scared and so confused
I’m alone with no one
I’ve been battered and abused
black eyes, broken hearts
walking blind in the dark
seeing no one not even light
while in my head things tell me to fight
I’ve gone so long
without the light
don’t know what will happen
don’t know if I’ll loose my sight
gone without guidance
been lost for so long
outside of existance
don’t know what’s going on
that’s what happened to me
when I was torn apart

Lost Within

Copyright Aurora

I can’t think straight
I’m lost within
can’t comprehend it
don’t know where to begin
I loved I lost
was pushed aside
heart broken in pieces
felt like I was about to die
darkness covers my eyes
everything I know is gone
don’t know where everything went
people didn’t even say so long
lost within myself
can’t find the way
confused and mentally buised
is what has begun today
my heart and soul like a jigsaw puzzle
find the right pieces that fit
just want to be whole and together again
I want to know that’s it
battered and buised
black eyes and lies
gone from the world
I once saw with unclouded eyes
tears fall and fall
everynight and day
want it all to disappear
want it all to fade away

Creatures Within

Copyright Aurora

Laying in my bed
trying to sleep
but in my head
awful things creep
afraid to close my eyes
afraid of what’s inside
I’m scared so much
I don’t want them to take me
I hear them during the day
making plots to take over
but I can’t give in
WHY can’t they just let me be
they know I’m scared
they can feel it inside
growing larger and LARGER
it’s trying to take control
just when I think
my life has struck the pay roll
They creep inside my body
make me go insane
they make me hurt
won’t let me go one day without pain
I’m loosing a battle
For control of my soul


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