Brutal Abuse

Copyright, Annelena

She smells his body
she’s getting sick of this smell
she can’t trust him anymore
he has done all the things to her
he gave her this feeling
of being no one in this world
she tried tightly to looked the door
but she had no chance
he told her that she’s only
a handful of complaints

time won’t take
her feelings anymore
she’s down in her black soul
his breath keep away her proud
she wants to break out of this circle
but the know she has no chance

he takes her hand brutally
he passes against her
and the only thing she can do
is to crawl deep inside her
to master this pain
and to ignore it for just
a few period of time

she was never able to hate him
so she hates herself
from the one day on
she made acqaintance with these razors
and she cuts and cuts
until she cries red tears
it was her only way
to forget her pain
but she must pay much for it

everyone’s see her scars
every single day they look at her
and they laugh
because they didn’t know…


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