Knock, Knock, Knock

Copyright, AngelDust/A.N.I.

Knock, Knock, Knock…
the evilness is back,
myself,it makes me wanna attack.
tells me the pain is gonna make it all okay,
and that it’ll bring me to a much brighter day.
and that all i hafta do is grasps it’s hand,
for it knows and has my plan,
says the first slice of my skin…
will make me feel a comfort within,
and to enjoy the stinging… cuz it’s
caused by the peace that the cut is bringing.
Tells me to make myself bleed is
all i need to succeed,
at stopping all my emotions says…
they will all perish in my bloody ocean.
That i wont feel the hurt anymore,
all i hafta do is answer when it knocks
on my mental door…
Knock, Knock, Knock!!!


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