Burning Rose

Copyright, Ana

There’s a rose that burns
Everyone is starring doing nothing
Watching how everything around turns
In to ashes
Watching the rose as it burns
No water to turn the flames off
The cloud that once was a friend
Let her down in the end
It left and not a raindrop it left
So the rose will burn
Slowly now petal by petal
It burns leaving ashes
What once was a red rose
Now a peace of… unwanted memory…

The Dream

Copyright, Ana

Once I woke up from a dream
In to a nightmare, my life
Had one hand dropping in blood
The other held a knife
Tears dropping, blue sky fads to gray
Thinking of reasons why to stay
Closing eyes to zoom in to black
Everything now is so unclear
Wishing I would disappear
Your gone everyone is gone
I’m alone, like I was once before
Red roses turn to black
Blues Rivers now are red as blood
Only I stand, only wondering
That’s all I can do
Crying out for someone
But everyone is gone
Save me, the one that did a day a go
Help me believe in you again
Make my nightmare a life
Take the pain
Take the knife
Take it all and wake me up


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