Copyright, Akasha

Crying again
My eyes are red
No one can hear me now
As long as I’m happy
People listen
But when I cry
I’m invisible

Hurting again
My blood is red
The only sign of my emotion
No way to show it
No one can see
I’m not allowed
To feel or cry

Dying again
My heart is broken
No one will ever hear me
As long as I’m silent
The pain won’t matter
So I shut my mouth
I dry my eyes
I’m invisible

Too Deep

Copyright, Akasha

I’ve spent too long in shadow
To ever see the light
Years without any sunlight have left me blind
The war has gone on too long
To ever find peace
In the end all is destroyed
Nothing’s sacred
the river of tears runs too deep
To ever stop the flood
There are too many debts to pay
To time, to friends, to gods
Too many things received, unearned
I’ve nothing to pay but blood
Too long in destruction’s shadow
I cannot be redeemed
So I’ll leave this world and
With my death, I’ll redeem myself
I’ll pay my debt with all I have
My life, my blood, myself

My Sacrifice

Copyright, Akasha

What more can you want from me?
Everyday part of me dies for you.
The blades dig into my skin
For your blood offering.
The incense burns my skin
Smoke for consecration, for power.
All the pain your heart desires
Leaving my body tired and scarred
What more can you want from me?
It’s never been enough
So the blade goes deeper.
New cuts, new burns
Cover my body with scars.
Patterns of destruction,
Signs of my devotion.
I lay my blood on your altar
Sacrificed to earn your favor.
What more can you want?
Nothing will ever be enough
Except that final sacrifice
When I lay my life out on the altar
And let the blades take it all away
And the blood snuffs out the candles
The final sign of my devotion
I live for you, I die for you
What more could you ask of me?


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