I Want To Be Free

Copyright, Angel

When the time comes
and I’m feeling down
there’s no-one to talk to
no-one’s around
my problems grow
they swell up in size
I try to forget them
I tell myself lies
I look back at past memories
bracelets of red time
I think of all my life
I cant help but to rhyme
I need to express
what I really think
calm down, rationalize
this water I drink
I draw the blade from the drawer
and press it up to my skin
solving all of my problems
my skin lets me in
blood pours onto the desk
and I see my desire
If depression were an airline
I’d be a frequent flyer
Trapped and misunderstood
everything that I see
people conforming, controlling
living in fear of ‘me’
people look down on people like me
expect them to live
how they expect them to be
no-one knows what these cuts really mean
whether they’re meant to hidden
or meant to be seen
a cry for help
or a cry for forgivness
the pain takes it all away
it’s your only forgiveness
no-one understands
but everyone knows
the troubles you feel
and the pain that does flow
they try to get through it
but they just cannot see
what I really do want
Is I want to be free

What It Really Is

Copyright, Angel

It’s all here
But why can’t we see
what really lies beneath
some do
but we have to get away
because the pain so great
Just can’t go on
seeing what we see
doing what we do
to get away from it all
what It really is


Copyright, Angel

Everywhere you look
people are helping
reasons unknown
but everyone does
all they can
being polite
but still
no-one understands
what it’s like
for someone who sees
what everyone does
all they do is try
fighting losing battles
people not knowing
what they really wan
what they need
living in fear
going to doctors
Desperate times
call for desperate measures
nothing compares
to how it feels
to be free
from life
from fear
from reality
the pain takes it away
everything’s alright
nothing really matters
but then you come back
and you want to do it again
and again
People look
they stare
thinking to themselves
“Why can’t they conform?”
everyone leading the same path
the same dreams
the same
Can’t I seperate
for just one moment longer?
Longer than it takes
to get back again?
why can’t I?
I just want to seperate
Be me
Not someone else
Like how it is
I just want to


Copyright, Angel

All the way to the inside
everyone thinks you’re crazy
they don’t know what happens
in your mind when it comes
and the blood like glass
forms beads of pleasure
upon the fragility of life
no-one understands how it feels
everything thinks you’re crazy
when the cuts get deeper than life
you just want to get away
no-one knows
no-one cares
no-one understands
the pain you go through every day
apart from those who get deeper
than the lifes they lead
away from us

Wishing I Were Dead

Copyright, Angel

i wish my blood was on the bed
i wish i was dead
i wish i could cut so deep
the blood would just seep

i wish i could take a gun to my head
i wish i was dead
i wish i could take away tomorrow
so there would be no more sorrow

you better beleive
i’m ready to leave
i’m tired of all this pain
it’s made me insane

i did it my dear
look at me lying here
i did just as i said
i’m dead!


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