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Silent Scream

Copyright Anonymous

A silent scream will pierce the night
and shadows will confide
Another tear slides down my face
But i put on my mask and hide

I try to breathe
I cannot see
I open my eyes
To choke and to bleed

I cannot live, I will not die
I seek comfort in my blood
And when the day turns into night
Another scar becomes

A broken smile, a shattered dream
A curse beneath those eyes
Deep inside I drew the line
I believed all of your lies

Another scratch morphs to a cut
My triumph pushed away
And as I watch the crimson life
There’s nothing left to do but pray

Nothing Matters

Copyright, Anonymous

I’m sick of always being alone
Sick of living in this home
I don’t have anywhere else to go
Nobody can ever know
What I do when things get tough
When my best isn’t good enough
I can’t cry so I go in my room
This pain will be lessened soon
I grab a razor from my hiding place
And run my hand across my face
I find an empty patch of skin
I take a breath and press it in.
Blood flows instead of tears
I forget my mom and all those beers
I forget my dad and what he said
I forget that I wanted to be dead.
Just an emptiness that won’t go away
The best part of my whole day.
I smile to myself and proudly say
Nothing matters, I made things okay.

Everything I Feel is a Lie

Copyright, Anonymous

This is my poem I wrote about self harm, and how it is a lie to cover emotional pain. I would like to submit it just to see what someone else thinks of it, as a self harmer myself I can’t really judge.

Everything i feel is a lie,
As is everything i say and everything i do.
They are all lies, but i am not making them up, nor am i telling them,
They conjure themselves in the back of my mind, then grow.
They develope into ideas then spread themselves until they cover my subconcious, and take controll of something that was never controllable before.
All my life i have spent trying to reach it, but the lies can touch it without even needing to strech their trembling fingers, or their aching arms,
But my arms ache the same, for the lies have twisted me and brought me down onto a level i do not wish to be on.
It is their fault i have lost myself, and not mine for creating them, for an evil hand that exists only within the mindless etermity that is my dream, planted them.
The owner of the withered branch cares not for the pain it has caused me,
Only that it has created now, yet another liar who can no longer remember the truth.

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