Cadet Williamson

A Soul Under the Blade

Copyright, Cadet Williamson

Blood Flows

			                    I'm Bored & depressed,
			              while I'm Laying here, I see the blade,
			                      I Open it.
			        The temptation tO cut is too much It's warm, it invites me to open it.
			                        Dropping it to my skin,
			               I run it Forwards and backwards
			                       bLood flows from underneath the blade.
			Taking the blade away frOm my skin,
			              I see the Wound, and I think
			     'That'll  become a Scar', and still the blood flows.


			                                 My wounds
			Hurt, i long to feel the pain thoUgh.
			                    The only consTant in my life is the pain.
			                    Everything swIrls around me
			           It's all out of controL.
			                 All except the pAin.
			                               I Try so hard to make
			                               ThIngs make
			                                SOme amount of sense.
			                             but Nothing does!

I Cut to Feel

			           Their laughter It rolls across the field,
			                       it Chills me
			                   no one Understands me.
			                          The blade is there in my pocket
			 It's warm, it invites me To open it.
			                   My callOussed feelings I hate,
			       To throw them away From me, I run the blade
			Across my arm longing to fEel something
			                the  coldnEss of my heart I long to get
			         rid of someone heLp me!

Pain is Joy

			     are Always
			         Insulting me
			         No one is
			         So I
			         Jab, poke, & open my skin.
			Relief flOods in, as the blood flows out
			   Ahh joY!


			    Across my
			 ForEver I am dying!!

My Soul Dies

			                        Every Minute that passes signals another
			                    piece of mY heart that
			                    Every persOn that hurts me is marked by another
			                             cUt, another lost piece of
			                           souL and heart.
			                          Why Does no one care,
			          Why do they have to Insult me?
			                What fun do thEy get out of it that makes it worth
			murdering someone? Don't they See me dying here alone.

Forever Dying

			                      Forever my death approaches
			                   AprOaching but never ending
			           I'm always Running from it but
			                   I nEver can get away from it.
			                    NeVer able to get away from the blade.
			               So instEad i embrace it,
			                   YeaRning for it's cold touch.
			               The colD touch rejuvenates me & wakes me.
			No longer do i run awaY from the blade
			                      Instead i embrace it,
			            But still Now i am forever

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