Copyright Cinthia

I wanna scream I wanna shout
what is this world all about
I cant breathe, I feel like I just cant live
why am i here
Im so full of fear, god im so dull
whenever im down i get out the knife
over my skin it goes
it cuts through my skin while i hold back a shout
blood comes out thats what real pain is all about
it fills me with pleasure its like i won the big treasure
cutting has become a habit
I cant stop I know that its bad
but thats what happens when i get sad
I have no true friends
I have noone to call my best friend
theyre all fake
one week their my friend the next theyre with them
I just wanna die if i cant confide then why cant i die?
and go far awaywhere real pain goes away
I havent been discovered by my parents
theyve been blinded by love
they belong way above if they ever catch me
theyll take my only true friend the one that i trust the one thats a must
the razor blade
I feel like Im already dead
so no thanks mom i dont need to be fed
I feel suffocated
I wanna be dead


Copyright Cinthia

As soon as I can I’m moving away
I’m being mistreated I just wanna fade
all I see are bad memories when I open my eyes all I see are bad lies
when I look inside I just wanna go hide
I just wanna split each time that I blink
in other words I just wanna die
but I could never say bye to all my good friends
instead I’ll say hi & I’ll be in hell
everywhere that I turn it just feels like a burn & it leaves a scar
that will never heal
I feel like a peel, I’m just being stepped on
this is the only life I know I wish I didn’t though
I wish there was a bow on top of my world
so it could mean I have little perfection, but this is real life
& the only thing I have is pure affection
I wish I would but I never get attention
my whole world revolves around someone who doesn’t know I exist
I’m treated like a thing that needs to be feeded
but all I’ve ever needed is just a little love
instead I’m getting beat and told I’m hated
some say that I’m faded & I’m glad
cause I’m just so hurt I can’t even flirt anymore
my life’s a threat, one screw up and it’s to the fuck with me
but it’s okay cuz I just wanna die


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