Broken Angel

Copyright, Chiquita

A broken angel on the ground
Cry and bleed without a sound
Suffering and pain all around
Happiness she never found
A broken angel lives on air
Go through mourning and despair
All she wants is for them to care
The ignorance’s more than she can bear
A broken angel on the ground
Sings a song without a sound
No one is there no one around
Everything’s lost and nothing’s found

One Last Time

Copyright, Chiquita

In a dark room
all alone
she sits.
Tears are rolling down her face
Blood is running down her arm
The voices are there
as always.
Talking softly into her ear
whispering about death
whispering about fear.
It’s time to give up
it’s time to give in
she’s had it with pain
and suffering.
She smiles as she mumbles
I’ll be fine
just let me slit my wrists
one last time.

Alone in the darkness

Copyright, Chiquita

A blinded girl
Lives in the darkness
Fragile and weak

She falls
But stands
Up on her feet
She tries again
She stumbles and cries
Cause on the inside she dies

She pays the prize
Without a word
Cause she has learned
That she’s to blame
She feels the shame

She knows the fears
The hate
The tears
She know the feelings
Almost too well

Pain is all she feels
But she can never tell
To anyone
What she has done
To her body and soul
She is out of control

She’s sinking deeper
Day by day
Like a figure made in clay

No one would ever suspect
They would never believe
And she would never accept
Their love and concern
She could never receive
The caring she desperately needs

She falls again
This time she stays
On the ground
Make no sound
Her life has ended
It is all over

She is finally free
Can’t you see?
The smile on her lips
Her hand on her hips
Behind eyes closed
The blueness shine bright
Cause now she has finally met the light


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