Caitlin O

No Matter

Copyright, Caitlin O

No matter how they got there they’re are all the same.
No matter who they’re on, they’re all the same.
No matter if they’re Stright, Jagged, Horizontial, Vertical, Circular, Square, they’re all the same.
They all bleed the same color. The same red as the one before.
No matter how deep, no matter what shallow they are all the same.
The same in a way so we can all feel the control of us.
And the power that no one eles has.
We might have different reasons,
but someone out there has the same reason as you.


Copyright, Caitlin O

On more slice,
roll the dice,
whats the price?
lose the game,
lose your life.
Some say
that’s a lot to pay.
But i could careless,
life is such a mess.
Nothing goes right,
can’t sleep at night.
Hope the day doesn’t come,
feel so stupid feel so dumb.
Go away, leave me be,
jus get out can’t you see.
I don’t what the help you cam provide,
Jus let me run,
let me hide.


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