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Copyright Caroline

I love you,
But I cannot stay,
For this life of mine,
Well, it’s wrong in every way.
I want to be free,
I do, free from it all,
I want to be happy,
Proudly standing tall.
But this will never happen,
For I have given up.
I feel like such a failure,
My mind is so corrupt.
This blade will be the last,
Cutting deep into my wrist,
I’m moving on from here,
Don’t cry, I insist.
This is better for me.
You and I both know it.
I promise I won’t regret this,
It’s something I’ll admit.
So goodbye to you,
to everyone.
My life is over,
And so, I am done.


Copyright, Caroline

mom just left,
I am alone.
what to do?
there’s no one home.
watch TV,
but can’t forget.
this pain inside,
so much regret.
climb the stairs,
one single tear.
I tell myself
“I have no fear”
under my pillow,
there lay a blade.
as blood runs red,
this pain will fade.
one addiction,
will soon become fun.
with 18 cuts down,
I’ve just begun…

Just a little cut

Copyright, Caroline

Just a little cut,
Just a couple times a day.
Just a little cut,
Thats what I’d like to say.
Just for a little while,
I’ve cut deep and wide,
Just for a little while,
I said the scars would only stay.
I told them it has ended,
Did they believe me I wonder?
I told them it has ended,
But I think my mask they saw under.
Now the scars are here
And they can see them.
Now the scars are here.


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