Copyright Crista

I am lonely
I am depressed
I get Good grades I try my best

I cut my arm and see the blood
It’s like a river but worth no flood

It’s amazing at what you do
To only who did this was you

You cut because we can not face
What the world had in place

You see me in a dream but don’t know who I am

Maybe I’m just one of them

No more I said or should I stand

I stop Right here before I hit the ground
And if I don’t I shure will die
then my family will have to cry

Live is a gift we have that given to us
and we should love

Thats why we cry and why we bleed
Cuze it’s the gift from above

I don’t know if ill be forgived
And I do myself

But what god wants to do with me is his own self
I forgived me

But what he does

Is what I’ll see!


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