Copyright, Carly

As you can see now I am not the cheerful person that everyone thinks I am, it’s just an act, I really can’t stand the pain bottled up inside me, it hurts me more than you can imagine, it’s like a shadow over me all day and all night, I’m hanging off the edge hanging by just a thread, I have done my best to stay on track but I can’t do anything right, I’m just a lost cause waiting to be pointed in the right direction, the only release I have is my friend the razor, I slice myself to release the ugly reality of being faced with another worthless day, tomorrow.


Copyright, Carly

Scars drip dry, as I sit and cry, I feel so alone, my cuts are to the bone, wanting to cut deeper, as my future becomes clearer, there is no future, I feel the pain of torture, I want this pain to end, my fear I can’t defend, I can’t hear anymore, I have opened the dying door, this pain has finally gone, and I’m not alone…


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