I Prefer to Write

Copyright Cutterguy

i know it won’t last my blood will run out
but it took away all reason to get mad and shout
you can’t see the real me cause you run away in disgust
but my heart was crying out come meet me you must.

you are the prom queen but only for tonight
as i sit here trembling for my life i fight
i ditched the popularity cause my heart went unseen
caused me to hurt inside all angry and never clean.

i decided one night as i walked to my front door
i was going to try something a new way to explore
i locked out my family inside my room i lay
took apart a razor and took forth a nasty way.

the blood started running streams off of my arm
dripping to the floor like spatters of my charm
wasted away were the feelings i had for you
a new beginning more beautiful and so new.

my tears dripped down on freshly cut skin
i felt them stinging as the salt boiled in
i wrapped up in bandages my arms bloodied red
as it occured to me i am happy i am not dead.

so now when i am hurt i live another day
when i open up myself it seems to be okay
i don’t care if anyone thinks it’s wrong at all
just think of how they are then as they begin to fall.

this idea i have was brought on by an urge
to let myself go and burn this surge
but as i laid there wanting to die
my heart would tell me i was going to get by.

i wrote this in lonliness of something i once had
because it’s never that good if it seems so bad
so now that i cut i feel something better
even though you were sorry in that long long letter.

so this was a goodbye and forever good riddance
cause it is now that i live that i am glad it’s my business


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