Save the Last Dance

Copyright, Crystal

I stand in the rain and dance.
Dance to the soft melody of heavy raindrops on my skin.
With a gun to my head and drugs flowing through my veins, I dance.
The people down below, they’re looking up.
I know these faces all by soul, not by name.
I’ve wept the tears of sorrow in their eyes.
God kept my tears in a glass vase, and tonight, my tears fall from heaven as I dance in the rain.
My tears fall on the people below.
I hear them crying, I hear them hurting, I feel them dying.
And I smile as they drown in my flow of tears.
I breathe in their evil sins and I laugh as I’m dancing,
I pull the trigger as the sky clears up, with no more tears to cry.
I will dance for them no more.


Copyright, Crystal

Savior has come
A light shines somewhere in my heart
Faded but existent
A single sign of lonely trust and hope
Save me, don’t leave me, let me live

For you I’ll never suicide
Never give into the voices resonating in my head
I won’t jump into the waters of fire
To burn for eternity for living sin

If your presence and promises are true
I’ll live, I’ll hope, I’ll triumph
But until then, I’ll sacrifice myself for you
Willing to die for a soul as strong as yours

I’ll cry for your promises
Faint for your presence
Become true for your kindness
Bleed for your comfort
Hurt for your pain

I’ll live for you, my only light, my only sign of true love, let me become you.

True Lies

Copyright, Crystal

Hidden behind walls of smiles and laughter
Letting the truth come out in writting
For every smile there is a struggle
For every lullaby a trickle of blood
Ignoring beauty, or talent
I break slowly
Bending the truth for one last time

Water Beats

Copyright, Crystal

In my mind lies a place
Bleeding walls, slaves retained by chains
A fire burning, choking my thoughts
With it’s deadly essences
A metaphoric version of my head

A place where judgement dies
And macabre awakes
Fulfilling forgotten dreams
Soul ripping thoughts
Violent and deadly urges

Gothic designs and dripping red
A place where I reside
Freezing and disturbed
For the haunted spectres
Who lie whithin me
Where knives comfort and laughter murders


Copyright, Crystal

I look into the bloody waters
I find proof of a million slaughters
Discouraged by what I see
I break down and cry, I m lonely

Cant they see the pain in my eyes?
Cant they hear the anguish in my voice?
Cant they feel my nuiscance?

Left to die, haunted by a thousand souls
Left to breathe the intoxicating escences of depression
Left to linger in the dark forests of my mind
Left to stomach the deadly poison of my own thoughts

I am forgotten


Copyright, Crystal

I am depressed
I live in a world that s pitch black
No matter what, evil strikes me
I am what you call death

I can turn the calmest oceans into enraged lightning storms

I can make the sweetest whisper become the loudest bone chilling tortured screech

I can enslave the beauty of freedom, for I am trapped in this world of sin

So, for all these resons, I shall go bleed out my pain and slowly kill myself. I am not worthy of life.


Copyright, Crystal

Dont be affraid of the darkness
It s your sanctuary

Dont be affraid of the blade
It s there to help you

Dont be affraid of the blood
It s a sign that you are almost dead

Let the blood run
Let the blade shatter you
Let the darkness wrap around you



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