Copyright, Chester


ritualistic torture
day unto day
long demonic possesion
sky blackened. gray

seeds of evil
garden style plant
blooming in mind
madman scream-chant

hiding in happiness
clown mask charade
festered inside
but joyful fasade

half-heart behavior
created this hell
now Hero’s doomed, ranting
inside Villain shell

Jeckyl and Hyde

tattoo and metal
beauty to par
hiding reality
true, familiar scar

half-heart human
diseased and cold
with soul misplaced,
stolen,and sold

reaching for help
wanting her love
yet given true pain
from diety above

“I don’t deserve this!”
“I want to die!”
“Kill me NOW!”
Hero does cry

rambling of mad
screaming insane
territorial fighting
inside mental domain

Hero is dead
Villian to remain
In the happy existance
Reality calls SANE…


beaten tattered
twisted scarred
battered broked
f-cked up hard

mentally abused
killed in thought
“destroy them all”
ideas i’ve fought

good fine friend
when all is good
but i’m f-cked mow
and wish they could

forgive me straight
but that’s a lie
f-ck them both
they must die

destroy my life
so i take theirs
twist my brain
but no one cares

to find the key
look through my eyes
behind closed doors
the truth. their lies


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