Copyright Cristina

She awoke with a pillow, so wet
mascara running down her cheek
for this had been yet another night
she had cried herself to sleep

She quickly gathered up her books
and off she went to school
she dragged with her, a gloomy face
for it was another day of ridicule

As she walked slowly down the hall
he gave her a passing glance
and she actually pondered to tell him the truth
for it would be her final chance

She tapped him on the shoulder
and whispered a soft, sweet “hi”
but the boy continued in his path
before she could get his reply

She let out a small, soft giggle
she knew she was only kidding herself
he wouldn’t ever give her the time of day
much less care how she really felt

The day went by so quickly
images of the morning lingered on
she just wanted this day to be over
To get away from this place; be gone

The last period bell rung loudly
as she sighed a tiresome sigh
And as she walked out to catch her bus
she told all of her friends goodbye

“I just want you to always remember
how much you all mean to me
there is just no place for me here on earth
and there will never be”

Her friends all gave her confused looks
but understood all the same
the knew how much she hated her life
and lived every day in vain

Her mother is an alcoholic
her father left them long ago
But she has sisters who love her
or at least that s what she s been told

Later on that evening
she finds herself lying in bed
staring at her morbid reflection
in th sharp knifes that lie near her head

“Is it really worth it?” she asks
as she begins to cry
the question sunk in; the answer was yes
she could finally end her life!

She felt a smile cross her face
as she picked up the silvery blade
All worry and loneliness began to subside
as relief was soon to invade

As the knife quickly caressed her skin
silence was all she could hear
she felt the room dissolve around her
and the world seemed to disappear

Her mother awoke from her drunken slumber
he father had finally come home
one look at their daughter; it was now oh so clear
she had too long been alone

Through the Rain

Copyright Cristina

It’s sad that you must pick up a knife
And slit your arm, in vain
Just to get that small relief
A short break from the pain

You’re only thinking about yourself
How selfish you must be
To not want to put down your bloody knife
And for once pay attention to me

I know you feel all hope is lost
And no one seems to care
But if you open those pretty blue eyes for once
You’ll see me standing there

A blade is not the answer
Your tears are not the cure
And I’m not sure how much more of this
My damaged heart can endure

Please tell me about your problems
And let me ease your pain away
I really need you here, dear friend
I truly need you to stay

Please put down that bloody knife
And take a look into my tear-filled eyes
And let me tell me how much your worth
All of these tears I have cried

You do have someone in your life
Someone who understands
Someone in which you can confide in
To help and hold your hand

I’m offering you our friendship
To replace your bloodyknife
To help dissolve all your sorrows
And show you a better life

A life without the suffering
A life without the pain
A life with friends who love you enough
To get you through the rain


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