Copyright, Carmen

This poem is about how I want to kill myself. In the end where it says “I’m the second one to die” it refers to the suicide in my school, so I would be the second in my high school class to die.
Thanks, Carmen

One day tomarrow will never come,
When all is quite and I am done,
living the life that was set for me,
now my soul is accutuly free.

I really have myself to blame,
always self inflicting pain,
Worried family and some friends,
think I’ll bring my life to an end.

If I only had the nerve,
to pull the trigger or to swerve,
Tires going car won’t move,
Air is flowing through a tube,
doctors say we can’t save you,
no one evern has a clue,
Why I ended my life so soon.

They don’t know the nights I cried,
It wasn’t hard to say good-bye.

Even now it’s too late,
answers left to debate.

All these questions Why, Why, Why?
More people start to cry,
Now I’m The second one to die.


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