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My name’s Candace, personally, I dont cut myself, I don’t know how to say it, but I like, feel like I have the ‘mind’ of a cutter (I hope that doesn’t sound bad). I think and express myself through cutting poems, I get the same feeling from writing about it as other people feel actually doing it. If you’d like to make a comment about my poem, please e-mail me at

I Cut myself For Reasons Plain
For All The Shit
And All The Pain
I Slice my wrists
I slice them deep
The Wounds Do Heal
But Scars To Keep.
To Hide My Vein
A Long-Sleeved Shirt
To Hide The Pain
To Hide The Hurt
Don’t Tell My Family
Don’t Tell My Friend
Or The End Of Life
I Must Defend
I’ll Just Go Slow
And Quiet And Fast
You Won’t Even Notice
That I Have Yet Passed.
I Cut Again And Again
Soon Feel Nothing
Like Concrete Vein.
Metallic Red Upon The Floor
I Know There Mustn’t Be Much More
The Last Few Drops Before I’m Gone
See You In Hell, It Won’t Be Too Long.


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