Bloodied Roses

Copyright, Chrissie

standing in a field
engulfed in morning mist
white roses all around me
blood falling from my wrists

the cold blade against my skin
another slit I make
I watch the crimson fall
then realize my mistake

the drops have become a river
a river of much regret
I feel my body shiver
and then gasp for lack of breath

the cut was deeper than I thought
I must have hit a vein
the bleeding just won t stop
with my blood this field is stained

so here I will lay forever
in this god-forsaken place
bloodied roses all around me
and teardrops on my face


Copyright, Chrissie

I sit in my room
all alone
locking the door
ignoring the phone
I take out a blade
as cold as stone
I drag it across my wrist
cutting to the bone
blood falls to the floor
of my lonely room
and then I hear footsteps
my mother is home
so I clean up my mess
my secret unknown
and put on a jacket
no one shall know


Copyright, Chrissie

I drag a blade across my skin
crimson blood runs down my wrist
a puddle at my feet
the result of all my pain
of anguish despair defeat?

I drag a blade across my skin
cutting deeper than before
another slit across my wrist
fresh blood hits the red-stained floor
gushing from my newest wounds


I cry my silent tears as I stare
at the crimson drops falling from my wrist
the growing puddle at my feet
at the burden I must bare

I cry my silent tears as I realize
what I’ve done
what I’ve tried to deny for so long
I cry my silent tears when I realizee what I have become



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