Cries Alone

Life Seen By Me

Copyright Cries Alone

Uncontrollable urges… nowhere to turn
What’s happened in this life
To make me cry
to turn to this ‘art’
That the razor creates
Against my skin leaving trails of blood and tears
So what s happened in my life
You maybe asking for yourself
Rape, abuse, abandonement
That feeling that no one cares
Have driven me to this
That the razor controls the aspects
Of my daily life
For reasons unexplainable
I ve turned to this and can t escape
Because the razor is my ruler
And death seems my only fate…

My Life

Copyright Cries Alone

I sit and wonder how things are
And how things ought to be
Knowing love will never find me
Trying to accept reality
How can I express the sorrows
That surround my mind
They eat my living soul
And make me beg to die
I try to stop these urges
But to my regret they will not cease
You all know how I love you
But you will never see
The person that is truly me
Because of society
I hide what shall not exist
To you and family
For if they re not acknowledge
They have ceased to be
So with tears taking streams
And sorrow taking flight
I shall cry myself to sleep
To survive another night


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